Unique experiences to explore Salento

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L’Alba sul sentiero delle Cipolliane

An excursion among ancient sheep tracks, Mediterranean scrub and cliffs overlooking the sea.

Full price €15
Reduced €7.5 (6-16 years)

Sentiero dei Pellegrini

An experience to relive the last kilometers traveled by pilgrims towards the Sanctuary of Santa Maria De Finibus Terrae.

Every Wednesday at 16.00
Full price €15

Leuca, visita il Santuario e i Giardini

Live an experience between sky, earth and sea: De Finibus Terrae is the most extreme point of the Italian peninsula!

from June every day
Full price €5
Reduced €2 (7-14 years)
Minimum groups 15 people €3

Alessano: sui passi di don Tonino

A walk in the village of Alessano in memory of Don Tonino Bello's message of faith and hope.

Every Thursday at 4.30pm
Full price €10

Otranto e la baia delle Orte

An excursion to discover the Otranto-Leuca Coastal Park immersed in a natural landscape of immense value.

Every Wednesday at 7
Full price €15

Tricase: l’Anello degli Angeli

Walk along the Ring of the Angels, five places in the village of Tricase linked to celestial presences.

Every Saturday at 9
Full price €10

Leuca: escursione in barca, Santuario giardini e degustazione

Observe every corner of the most extreme point of the Italian peninsula from three different points of view: from the boat, from the Sanctuary and from its wonderful terraces.

Every day from June with departure at 8.50
Full price €40

 Lecce e l’Abbazia di Cerrate

A journey that leads from the Baroque Lecce to the Romanesque Cerrate Abbey through a landscape of olive groves, fruit trees and cultivated areas.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 4.30pm
Full price €50